I keep a personal wiki for a number of articles, TODOs, and questions I have over technical topics I read online. I normally add to my wiki when it's clear I'll need to reference something later, or I just don't have the time or mental bandwidth to dig further. I've decided recently (10-30-2019) to share some of these pages as notes.

Think of these notes pages as the digital equivalent of quickly jotting down thoughts and things I've learned on sticky notes. In these notes, it's more important that I have a written record of the things I've learned than their presentation. The quicker I write down my thoughts, the faster I can focus my short-term memory bandwidth on more important matters :). When I've either forgotten (likely) or stored what I've learned in long-term memory later, I can come back to my notes to refresh!

I hope the notes I publish are useful to others, and I believe them to be as accurate as possible. However, it is possible the information contained within is wrong and needs correcting, so read at your own risk!

These notes were created by using Tiddlywiki's HTML export and directly extracting the output div with class tc-tiddler-body.

Cargo Notes


Notes from building a test crate under various circumstances using Rust's Cargo package manager.